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Solutions Gallery - Product Development Case Study

A customer had a product for which they wanted to test a portion of the assembly to determine how well it would function in its real world application.  Jenco worked with the customer to create a simple system to simulate the motions that the assembly would encounter, and record how many cycles prior to failure.

Step 1

A 3D design was created and reviewed with the customer.

Step 2

Following a review, the system was built

Automated Assembly Test Systems

Step 3

The data obtained from the test system led to the testing of several prototypes to determine the feasibility and strength of different methods of assembly. Jenco machined some of the prototype parts for this based on the customers designs (see photo - ball point pen end shown for scale).

Custom Designed Prototypes Custom Designed Prototypes

Step 4

The assembly process was also investigated. Jenco designed and built a system to standardize the method of assembly as much as possible.  This also gave the customer the ability to control and alter the variables of the assembly process to test different combinations of parameters.

Automated Assembly Test Systems

Step 5

As the production increased, the customer decided to audit the quality of the components on a regular basis.  Because the duration of the test required more capacity, Jenco built a multiple part test system.

Multiple Part Test System

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