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Jenco Metal ProductsStrengths

Jenco is dedicated to creating manufacturing processes that will be consistent, reliable, robust and efficient.

Jenco is the right fit when the priorities of the project involve:

  • Close support over the entire life of a program
  • Completely custom solutions - processes and equipment are designed around a component or assembly process rather than making the compromises required to fit the process into a standardized system.
  • Assembly fixtures and systems for electrical, electronic and clean room applications
  • Testing that involves electrical tests and leak testing
  • Inspection – Vision Inspections and Custom odd shaped dimensional GO/NO GO gauges based on GD&T to make simple at process inspections possible
  • Cutting very thin materials with a punch and a die
  • Handling of materials on a strip, including incorporation of
    stamping or part cutting into automation
  • Stamping high volumes of parts with close clearances

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