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Process - Thin Material Cutting Systems



Thin Material Cutting SystemsJenco Thin Material Cutting Systems (TMCS) are extremely precise cutting systems that quickly and cleanly cut a wide variety of materials from strip or sheet form into pieces that are the exact size and shape required for a particular application. Jenco TMCS are custom engineered based on the material to be cut, the environment for each application and all other specifications gathered in the design process.

Jenco TMCS Scissor Action cutting has proven its durability in many applications, producing millions of cleanly cut pieces without the need for any maintenance. Jenco TMCS are in use in clean rooms as well as a wide range of manufacturing facilities, they have been retrofit into existing automation, and designed to be stand alone components in a manufacturing cell. When installed at the point of assembly, the system reduces the possibility of contamination from intermediate converting operations, and reduces inventory and supply chain complexity.


  • Very low per piece processing cost
  • Minimal to no maintenance required for high volumes of parts (depending on material)
  • Accurate size (within .005 mm)
  • Endless array of shapes, and clean cut edges
  • Part location precisely controlled 

Materials that can be cut

  • Gore Tex
  • Tyvek
  • Sterile Barriers
  • Lidding Materials
  • Breathable Permeable filters
  • Mesh filter media
  • Screen
  • Wire cloth
  • Stainless steel filter cloth
  • Thin metal film laminates
  • Plastics
  • Silicones
  • Latex

Jenco TMCS vs. Laser

  • Cost per cut is much lower than laser on high volumes of parts
  • Precisely maintains the location of the part
  • No contamination or fumes to extract
  • Significantly lower power requirement

Jenco TMCS vs. Knife Blade Tooling

  • Cost per cut is much lower for high volumes of parts
  • Ability to present and hold parts accurately for precise placement.
  • Dramatically longer tool life/Reduction or even total elimination of maintenance
  • More reliable cutting and placing capability
  • Much more precise dimensional accuracy (to .005 mm)
  • Ability to cut much smaller parts and control them
  • Ability to process the material at the point of assembly

Thin Material Systems

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